3 Easy Secrets to Be a Slim, Sexy Bride For Your Wedding Day

Every bride wants to look glowing, sexy and slim for her wedding day. If you’re getting married this year, chances are you have so much to deal with planning for your wedding, you don’t want to make any huge changes in your day to day life, but you want great results to your health and well-being (don’t we all?).

You don’t need to go on a crazy wedding diet to achieve your dream wedding day body. In fact, getting obsessed on a bridal diet can back-fire on brides at a very stressful time.

These three, simple little changes will help you be an even more beautiful, sexy bride for your wedding and beyond, and best of all – they are incredibly easy to implement for busy brides and virtually no-cost, for brides on a budget:

1. Get More Sleep

More and more these days, the media tells us about how sleep makes all the difference to your health. Beauty experts, doctors and scientists all extoll the benefits of sleep on beauty, mood, libido (hence getting more sexy) and yes – even your ability to lose weight.

The great thing is that it’s natural, it’s FREE and it works better than any expensive skin cream.

Planning a wedding can be stressful, and it definitely affects your sleep. Brides start getting caught up in those midnight conversations in bed.. “did you remember to call the florist?….” or staying up to all hours fiddling with spreadsheets. There’s probably not much passion happening, let alone a good night’s sleep.

However, you don’t want to walk down the aisle with bags under your eyes and spend your whole honeymoon catching up on sleep (you have MUCH better things to do).

But how can busy brides possibly get more sleep? There are only so many hours in the day!

But remember, a good night’s sleep gives you the most bang for your buck and if you want to be a healthy, sexy and happy bride, looking glowing on your wedding day with a slim body to die for – then you must get more sleep!

Here are some quick tips to get more out of your sleep:

  • Cut back on caffeine, energy drinks or sugary desserts late at night so you can relax quicker and get to sleep sooner.
  • Don’t stay up all night on the computer planning and obsessing about the wedding, let it go. Don’t eat heavy cooked meals late at night that may keep you up with indigestion.
  • Start by going to bed 15 minutes earlier and see how you feel. Increase it by another 15 minutes until you get your optimal sleep level.
  • Do you need a bedroom makeover? Maybe new sheets for the bed, decluttering your room or taking out distracting electronic gadgets.

2. Have More Fun

This includes seeing your girlfriends more, getting off the computer on the weekends, and getting more fresh air. Laugh more and enjoy this time before your wedding.

How much fun are you having in your life right now? What’s fun for you? What makes the time fly? What have you neglected in your life because you’re “getting married” and are too busy?

Life is meant to be fun, but I’m sure sometimes you feel like life is just one wedding chore after another.

How about you commit to spending at least one night that’s completely wedding free. Ban all talk about caterers, honeymoon, travel, flowers and everything else for one whole night a week. You could even make it fun by imposing a fine – you’ll have to contribute a coin every time you mention the wedding on that night, or you could turn up the heat by getting one minute of massage every time you or your partner slips up. See, you could have more fun in the bedroom that way too!

Meet up with your girlfriends and don’t talk about the wedding the whole time and monopolise the conversation with tirades about the mother-in-law, or the cost of flowers. It can get boring for your girlfriends. Make a real effort to ask them about their own lives and have some fun having a night off from being “The Bride”, or worse – the BRIDEZILLA!

Another great tip is to turn off the TV. Too much time is sucked away by staring at pointless TV shows. When you stop watching TV, suddenly you’ll have so much more time – to read, to chill out, to cook dinner together. It’s really great for your couple time together too.

Bride action: book something now in the diary that will be just for fun. Go out and do one of your favourite hobbies, meet up with a friend, or go see a silly movie.

3. Eat More Plants

Doctors, scientists and dieticians are all talking about how eating more plant-based food can help you lose weight naturally; have better skin, brighter eyes and stronger nails; help with fertility issues, improve your mood and outlook on life, again improve your sex drive, and even help you to avoid lifestyle diseases such as cancer, diabetes and problems related to obesity.

In the lead-up to your wedding, try to get in as much real, natural food as possible and you’ll feel so much better for it. You will lose weight more easily for your wedding and you’ll have a lot of energy for your honeymoon too.

The antithesis of natural plant food is fake processed “stuff” that masquerades as food. Don’t be fooled. If it comes in a tin, a packet, has an extremely long shelf life or has 30 unpronounceable ingredients, then it’s not really food. It will make you feel tired, sick, give you allergies, give you bad skin, brittle nails, a low sex drive and maybe even turn you into a cranky moody bridezilla – the complete opposite of the sexy, slim bride.

Consider swapping just one junk meal with a healthy one. The easiest way to get in plant food is to have a salad with every meal, and to try out juices and smoothies to pack all much goodness in as possible.

In the end, what’s it worth to you to be a sexy and slim for your wedding day?

These 3 secrets are easy to implement for any busy bride and will make a huge difference to your health for your wedding and if you stick with them – will continue to serve you for the rest of your life being a sexy and slim wife!

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