A Chef’s Tour Guide to Azeroth – A Guide to WoW Cooking Trainers

Whether Alliance or Horde, you’ll need to find the sometimes elusive NPC’s to train your cooking skill starting from 0 up to the limit of 450. This guide will tell you everything you need to know from the first time you train cooking until you train your Grandmaster cooking skill.

Before starting the WoW cooking guide it is important to note one thing: If you intend on taking up fishing at any time it would be wise to level it along with your cooking. Cooking provides many opportunities to gain skill ups from your fishing catch.

Newbie World of Warcraft Cooking Trainer (Skill must be 75):

Alliance & Horde: All of the major starting cities have cooking trainers to introduce you to the wonderful world of cooking. If you don’t already know where the cooking trainer is, just ask a guard to point you to them. They’ll kindly mark your map allowing you to easily find the trainer.

Expert World of Warcraft Cooking Trainer (Skill must be 150):

Alliance: Visit Shadowprey Village in Desolace.

Horde: Visit Silverwind Refuge in Ashenvale.

Alliance & Horde: If you don’t feel like making the run, check the auction house and for a premium price you can buy the book to skill up.

Artisan Cooking NPC (Skill must be 225):

Alliance & Horde: Head to Gadgetzan. A quest was once required to train this level of skill. Path 3.1 changed this so that the quest is no longer required. Now you can train Artisan cooking the same way in which you’ve trained your other cooking skill increases. The quest is still available, however, and now rewards you with a unique recipe: “Clamlette Magnifique”.

Master Cooking Skill (Skill must be 225):

Alliance: Head to Honor Hold and look for the NPC “Gaston”

Horde: Head to Thrallmar and look for the NPC “Baxter”

Buy the master chef book and memorize it to begin your journey to master chef.

Grandmaster Cooking Skill (Skill must be 275):

Alliance: Head to Brom Brewbaster in Valgarde Inn (Howling Fjord). You can also train Grandmaster cooking in Borean Tundra with the NPC Rollick MacKreel.

Horde: Train with either Orn Tenderhoof in Warsong Hold (Borean Tundra) or Thomas Kolichio (Howling Fjord).

Alliance & Horde: Should you get to Dalaran before ready to train Grandmaster fishing there is a Grandmaster World of Warcraft cooking trainer willing to train you. Ask a guard for directions.

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