A Guide to Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism is the new age method of travelling across the world to obtain health care facilities and other medical treatments. It is also known as Medical Travel or Health Tourism. And with the huge demand of obtaining specialized treatments from different parts of the world, the medical practitioners and those who provide medical treatments also travel across the borders to come to the patients themselves for the treatment. This process is known as Medical Tourism. They include all types of treatments starting from mending fractures to complex surgeries by specialists, and even include psychiatry. And more and more people are opting for it because it is less rigid and informal than most other medical procedures.

Among the countries that have emerged as the top destination for medical tourists are United States, Mexico, Hong Kong, India and Germany.

United States, no doubt, leads the front because the first choice for most non- Americans is the US. The reason is the rapid advancements in the field of medical science and most have a notion that any technology or facility, not found anywhere else, can be found in the US. Moreover, in most of the major hospitals in the US, special arrangements are made for patients travelling from other countries. The irony is, Americans on the other hand, travel to other countries, especially Eastern countries, as medical tourists as they are becoming more aware of the healing powers of the Ayurveda and other exotic treatments.

In this case, India is one of the top destinations for international medical tourists. Especially, the hospitals in South India provide world class treatments at really very affordable rates. Those seeking holistic treatments and believe in the natural healing powers of herbs and plants head for fitness and health centers who treat patients solely by natural means. And their effectiveness has yet been unquestioned.

Germany is another destination for medical tourists and it is mostly famous for its hygienic hospitals and quick services. Moreover, the number of the hospitals it has is almost twice as much of the US, and so there are shorter queues and more doctors treating the patients. Also the fact that the costs here are almost half than that in US, makes it popular even among the Americans who prefer to travel out of their country to avail treatments which might be complex, and hence more expensive in the US.

If unfortunately, you or any of your near ones fall prey to physical or mental illnesses and you do not find satisfactory medical treatment on your own country, feel free to travel abroad and get the treatment you prefer. After all, there is nothing more precious than your health and spending a little extra money would be worth it.

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