All About the New Psych TV Show

If you guys want to watch a good comedy show, then this might be right up your alley. The main premise of the Psych TV show is that there is basically this private detective who pretends to have psychic powers while he solves crimes. It can be quite hilarious at times too.

Here is the summary of how these things actually came about. First of all, the detective main character of the show is a genius. This guy Shawn, the Caucasian hero of the show has a gift for observation and analysis. He can take notice of those small details around him and see which ones are relevant to one another in order. Back in his youth, it was a classic case of father wanting to live through his son syndrome. Or perhaps it’s a son wanting to become his father syndrome? In any case, Shawn was trained by his father to further practice and sharpens his awesome observation techniques that simply seem super human.

Psych TV show is a very original concept. However, what is not so original is the dynamic duo of Shawn and his African American friend Gus. Though the two have a pretty decent on screen chemistry, this kind of formula has been running through television for years and years and years. There are times when the duo’s antics get to be too predictable, even boring. Well, I will let this one slide for now because there times when the whole thing works.

Shawn basically keeps on fooling people all through out the show. This is because one time, he solved a crime by simply using his super human observation skills. Tipping the police, Shawn became famous. However, the police think that only some one who is in cahoots with the crime can possibly now the details that Shawn was able to outline. Thus they set out to arrest him. Just as he was about to be arrested, Shawn convinces everyone that he is a psychic simply by observation and deduction. That’s when all the trouble in his life starts and also when all the comedy ensues.

I think the actor playing his best friend is a bit too over eager. One can notice that he is still a novice actor. Actually, the same thing can be said of the actor playing Shawn. However, thanks to the over the top non serious messes that the two always get caught up in, the mediocre acting doesn’t really hurt the Psych TV show very much.

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