Bali Galungan Kuningan Celebrations

Galungan and Kuningan stand for celebrating the earth. It is on this very day when the Hindu devotees offer their gratitude to the creators for all their earthly possessions and for his blessings and love as well.

It begins with “Wrespathi Wage Sungsang”. Legend says this is when the ancestors come to meet humans on earth along with the Gods. Flowers are offered on the family altar in each house to mark the occasion. Following this we have “Sukra Keliwon Sungsang”, a day when purification of the human body, mind and soul happens through prayers and holy words. The next day we celebrate “Saniscara Umanis Sungsang”, a day when mental patience and peace is tested as an act of faith and devotion.

After that the “Panyekeban/Panapean” is observed, a day when the evil forces came to overtake the human mind. Snacks for the main festival are stored on this day to ripen and cakes are baked as well. The “Penampahan, Anggara Wage Dungulan” is another celebration to mark the test of faith and following this commemoration, we have the “Galungan, Budha Keliwon Dungulan”, which is a day for fun and frolic after two days of testing. Offerings are made to the ancestors and after that, preparations for “Umanis Galungan, Wrespathi Umanis Galungan” start in full force. This is a day to seek blessings of the Gods who accompany ancestors. Artistic performances are made and enjoyed by one and all on this day.

After all the fun, one still has to be alert and hence the following day, “Pahing Galungan, Sukra Pahing Dungulan” is observed. After this day, the Gods are pleased and offer abundance, which is marked by celebrating “Pamaridan Guru, Saniscara Pon Dungulan”. After the celebration is over it is the custom to proceed with observing “Ulihan, Redithe Wage Kuningan” to pay respect and homage to the loved ones who left this world and search for Dharma.

On “Pamacekan Agung, Soma Keliwon Kuningan” the locals observe a day of prayer to enhance goodwill and purity followed by “Anggara Umanis Kuningan” that marks the preparation for Kuningan Day and “Pujawali Bhatara Wisnu, Budha Pahing Kuningan” when the deity God Vishnu who protects our earth comes down for a visit. “Wrespathi Pon Kuningan” has arrived in order to prepare for Kuningan and so is “Penampahan Kuningan, Sukra Wage Kuningan”.

Finally we arrive at Galungan and Kuningan Day!! Let’s celebrate for we are cleansed and ready to immerse in abundance and happiness.

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