Boating Holidays – Tips To Plan A Fun Filled Boating Vacation

Boating Holidays – Tips To Plan A Fun Filled Boating Vacation

When speaking of a boating holiday, usually you aren’t referencing a day set aside for boating – even though many boating enthusiasts probably wouldn’t mind that one bit. In Europe and many other areas around the world, a vacation is referred to as a holiday; therefore, a boating holiday is quite simply a boating vacation.

There are lots of fabulous boating holiday destinations all over Europe. Great Britain is a great place to enjoy a relaxing boating holiday. There are miles upon miles of canals there where you can pilot a narrowboat all around, enjoying the English countryside as you leisurely float along. A narrow boat is kind of like a cabin cruiser, with sleeping areas and large decks for sightseeing.

One of the best parts of going on an English boating holiday is the availability of many waterside pubs that you can dock, tie up at the pier, and enjoy some good old-fashioned English cooking and their great ales. But be careful if you are the captain. Even two pints can be one too many to pilot your vessel.

Besides England, you may want to check out an Irish boating holiday. Many people say that there is absolutely nothing like the experience of cruising Ireland’s isles and rivers. The Irish landscape is recognized as among the most beautiful places in Europe. There are many places with water access that are open for exploring, including some castles and woods.

Towns and villages are easy to find along the way, plus the local people are well-known for their hospitality. You can find great entertainment in the local pubs and shops, things that you can’t find anywhere else. And for the fisherman, Ireland has some excellent fishing, with prize-winning trout, salmon, and perch to be found.

France is another top destination for boating holidays, with some beautiful countryside to be found. The many waterways of France meander through some of the most varied and vivid locations in Europe, each with its own unique history, architecture, and culture.

France is truly found not in the tourist cities, but the countryside you will see on a leisurely cruise through the many canals and rivers. You can see chateaus, vineyards, and quaint villages out there, far from the usual tourist traps. Some truly gourmet wines are to be had in the gorgeous country inns, or enjoy a French meal aboard the boat, on the open deck at night.

A European boating holiday can be easily planned out, as boating shops that cater to these kinds of trips are readily found. Renting boats as you go is by far the easiest way, and this can all be done without breaking the bank.

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