Call of the “Bahamas” – Visit Nassau

Strap up those shoes, pack your swimwear and head off to Bahamas this summer for an ultimate vacation. Explore the beaches, the surf and the beautiful sun over this gorgeous landscape. Imagine a never-ending stretch of turquoise water of the ocean against the white of the sandy beaches! Located on the northeastern side of the Caribbean, Bahamas is an archipelago of 29 islands. The best months to visit this sandy paradise are from March to July.

There are several things you can do, on your vacation to Bahamas – a visit to Nassau can be at the top of one’s itinerary. For once, try the Atlantis Resort. Here there is no end to the kind of activities one can do. Situated on the Nassau Island, the resort houses the largest aquarium in the world. The display of this aquarium is spread across 34 acres of marine habitat and has 11 pools and lagoons for exhibition. This resort also preserves 200 species of aquatic life. Take a walk through this huge tank and scamper through the horde of lobsters, varying colors of innumerable shoals of fish, and play with variously colored and shaped shells and star fish.

And while you are in Nassau, it would be impossible to miss its lovely, sandy and divine beaches. Soak up that miraculous sun as it rises and sets down on the horizon, spreading the tentacles of its luminous rays across the expanse of the ocean. And at the noon feel the cool crashing of the sea breeze on your sun tanned body – to put it simply, paradise will find you!

Paradise and Cable beaches are the two must visit beaches here. These are like vast stretches of velvety sand lined with coconut palms, casuarinas, and sea grape which are seen like a natural string of delight. The last is known as the hotel belt of the capital.

When it comes to water sports the capital of Bahamas has a lot to offer to the fans of thrill and excitement. Check out the caving, swimming, and kayaking activities that are conducted here. The park is an ultimate treat for those interested in offshore activities – those courageous souls ready to face the challenge and dive into the ecstasy of thrill presented by these activities. Just take your own kayak and find your way across creeks lined with mangroves or just go and explore those 29 islands on your own kayak, if you have that adventurous streak in you.

Dive into divinity this vacation as you go scuba diving, snorkeling, explore the reefs, bone fishing etc. Watch the fun lying in a hammock and soak the gorgeous natural beauty of the place. You can also visit from Nassau to Andros Island, another in this group of islands is known for snorkeling and diving. It gives enthusiasts an opportunity to explore the beautiful fields of the Elkhorn coral found growing at a height of 15 feet in waters around this island. All these are accessible via Nassau.

Blue Lagoon Island is another hotspot for tourists. It is a stone’s throw away from Nassau. Known for its lagoon, water sports and refreshing cuisine, the island is home of bottlenose dolphins which one can encounter at the Dolphin Encounters. Just a dip in the lagoon and you can see these beautiful creatures of the sea swim against you or just sit outside and watch them play.

Nassau is a promise of luxury, comfort, and thrill. Come and discover the mysteries of this beautiful watery paradise. Respond to the call of Bahamas. This could well be the best vacation you could dream of taking in your entire life.

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