Central Rome

Central Rome may be one of the most popular areas of Rome with the ancient center of Rome surrounded by the Aurelian Wall dating back to around 270 AD. This area is the smallest administrative zone and does include small wards. Around this area, you will find larger urban districts.

The center of Rome is the Piazza Venezia where you will find a large white marble monument built in honor and bearing the name of King Victor Emmanuel II responsible for uniting Italy. Along with the magnificent statue is the Palazzo Venezia the palace where Benito Mussolini addressed his followers.

All over central Rome, you will find fascinating pieces of history such as the gate found at Piazza del Popolo created by Gian Lorenzo Bernini leading to the Via Flaminia. Nearby is the Santa Maria del Popolo home to the paintings of Caravaggio depicting the conversions of Saint Paul and Saint Peter.

Also in central Rome, you will find the Piazza Colonna with the statue of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius, among residences of political leaders of Italy.

If you head south from the Piazza Venezia you will find ancient Rome by following Via dei Fori Imperiale. Here you will be able to embrace the Roman Colosseum and the Roman Forum. With a guided tour guide you will be able to learn the history of ancient Rome as well as hear about the unique entertainment that held Romans attention such as sea battles that were actually carried out in the Colisseum. The Colisseum was home to many deaths of gladiators and Christians. Through the years, the Colisseum has seen many natural disasters as well as others using the stones and marble to create the various medieval and Renaissance churches in the area. Not far from the Roman Colisseum you will see the Arch of Constantine and the Baths of Caracalla, and Capitoline Hill.

A professional tour guide will be able to give you a detailed history that will have you believing you are in Rome during this era feeling exactly what it was like to be Roman. The adventures and sights they saw will come to life through the tales, legends, and facts that your tour guide will provide. The excitement that you will feel standing in the presence of these ancient ruins will be one that you will take home with you after your visit to Rome. Once you stand in the presence of these ancient ruins you will never think of Roman history in the same manner. As you stand in the same footfalls of ancient Romans you will envision the way in which they lived, played, and how their culture was a major part of what Rome is today.

Embracing ancient Rome with an official tour guide will ensure that all members of your family will take a bit of Rome home with them in their hearts. Explore Rome through the various ancient ruins and then take a stroll through the park to enjoy the peace and tranquility that only Rome has to offer. You will truly love Rome for what it has to give.

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