Cheap Disney Tickets – Buy Your Tickets Before You Travel to Euro Disney

Visits to Disney are a treat for the whole family but unfortunately can work out to be expensive. It is possible to save a lot of money by planning you trip well in advance, this includes booking your entry tickets before you go.

We have been to Euro Disney several times and are picking up more tips every time we travel. What never ceases to amaze me however is just how expensive the entrance tickets are if you buy them on the day at the turnstiles. This time when we went a day Hopper Ticket would cost you €62.00 yet it was possible to pre plan and get the same ticket for €42.00 this is an incredible saving especially if you are travelling in a large party.

Great places to start in search of those discount tickets is on forums that discuss Disneyland Paris. These forums give great advice which is usually up to date. For example I discovered that Eurorail were giving away free tickets if you booked a train journey with them. I booked my journey from Paris to Marne La Valee for €14.50 and voila I managed to get into Euro Disney free of charge.

The Official Disneyland Paris website also often has some excellent deals that can save you money on the entrance fees if you buy in advance. Most deals are flexible and you can tailor around your families needs.

It is therefore possible to get discount tickets which can help with the cost of your visit. The key is in the planning and booking well in advance of your trip and as the saying goes “a stitch in time saves nine” In this case it save Euros!

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