Costa Rica Vacation Rentals in Beautiful North Pacific Tourist Zone

The North Pacific zone of Costa Rica is just a little short of being called heaven. This region has a perfect blend of nature, cultural, and beach tourism. It has something for everyone. This is the reason why so many people book Costa Rica vacation rentals in this part of the Latin American country.

Although there are no shortages of Costa Rica Vacation Home Rentals, in terms of numbers, the ever-growing demands for Costa Rica homes make them a scarce resource. It is, for this reason, advisable to book a vacation rental in the North Pacific region of the country in advance should you wish to take a vacation in the beautiful country.

What all to see in North Pacific tourist zone

Peninsula of Nicoya and Province of Guanacaste form the North Pacific tourist zone of the country. Many people come here to see the beautiful forest and be part of local fares like bull mounts, corridas (rodeos), Sabenero, and “fiestas patronales” (county fair). The most interesting part of these fares is the local corn-based cuisine. It is a rare delicacy and one should try it when in the region for vacation.

See the prehistoric natural formations

The North Pacific Region is famous of its numerous stalagmites, stalactites and old caverns. You can go to Barra Honda National Park which is famous for very old caverns. It also has a tract of dry tropical forest which makes the trip even more enjoyable.

The place looks different in summers when deciduous trees shed their foliage. In summers, it looks like a desert, but gives a pleasant feel. It comes to life between June and October when the river flowing through it injects life in the forest making everything look so green.

Guanacaste beaches

The beaches in the Province of Guanacaste are suitable for outdoor activities. You should immediately check Costa Rica beach rentals should you want to spend your summers indulging in activities like swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, surfing, and horseback riding. The rentals often get booked long before most tourists know.

If you want you can also experience fishes like the swordfish, the dorado, and the marlin. The Pacific on this side is known for the richness of marine biodiversity. The beaches of Tamarindo and El Coco are tourists’ favorite among all.

Where to look for Costa Rica Vacation rentals

If you wish to explore the entire North Pacific region of the country on your vacation than consider staying in or around Liberia, the water near to this city has more diverse aquatic life form than in the most part of Guanacaste Province. And also because the city is well-connected with all the tourist attractions in the region. The city has an international airport, Daniel Oduber International Airport, which connects the world with this city.

Explore your options, but do not delay in booking Costa Rica vacation home rentals for your family. The place gets so much of international tourists that almost all of the Costa Rica vacation rentals remain occupied throughout the year. There is always a hope, if you book one in time.

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