Cruising Tips – Should You Book A Cruise On The Internet?

Cruising Tips – Should You Book A Cruise On The Internet?

Cruising is one hell of a traveling experience; I find it to be a unique mode of traveling. So finally if you have decided to go on a cruise and you are worried about how to book it then worry not. There are many ways through which you can book a cruise, but many people are scared whether they will be able to book it properly or not.

Here are some tips for the beginners to make the cruise booking process go easily.

A Travel Agent Can Be Of Great Help?

When booking a cruise you get a lot of options you can book the cruise directly with the cruise line, or you can pay a travel agent to book it for you. The best option is to book your cruise thorough a travel agent who will take care of everything including the legal work and get you the best price. Even if you don’t have knowledge of booking a cruise a travel agent can help you with all the formalities.


When booking a cruise online through a travel agent, you get access to years of experience and knowledge that can assist you in selecting the right cabin and cruise. The benefits of booking through a travel agent are far more like travel agents know if there are any rule changes on the cruise line, so when you board that cruise, you don’t get any surprises. They also have the leverage to take a personal inspection of ships giving them a proper insight to a variety of ships and their facilities.


There is a common myth that using booking online will cost you far more than booking a cruise yourself. In reality, it’s the opposite. Travel agents from big agencies have hundreds of groups on different cruises. They can easily book you into these groups at the given group rate which is not available to general public. They also get daily emails from the cruise lines informing them of different promotions and offers. By booking through a them, you can make get hold of the best deals through these promotions.

Save Time

Using an online booking agency, can save you a lot of time that you may have used in searching for a cruise yourself. You can tell the agent what you are looking for and they will get back to you with several different options. They will ask for your interests, expectations and hobbies and find you the best fit for your budget.

Free Upgrades

While the cruise lines don’t give any details about which cabin they choose for getting a free upgrade, my years of experience in the cruise industry have led me to understand that booking through large agencies can get you more upgrades. Again, I don’t have insider information about this, but this is what I have mostly experienced. Booking through them will get you good chances of getting an upgrade rather than those who book online themselves.

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