Holiday & Travel Guide For Cambodia


Siem Reap City in Cambodia has many tourist attractions, with a wealth of history and culture it is so inviting it drags you into Cambodia. By far the best way to see this country is back-packing, but if you haven’t got a rucksack on your back then there are still many places around the tourist resorts to entice you to into this extraordinary land, this surely is a trip you will never forget. Angkor Temple is one of the most impressive places to visit in Cambodia, inside this temple the walls are carved with Hindu mythology; it’s absolutely fascinating even for those who are non religious. Angkor museum is full of cultural items depicting civilisation and the history of its people, in the exclusive gallery there are 1000 Buddha images. The Temple grounds in Angkor Thom were built around the 12th century. This inner royal city is just amazing. A few miles out of the city are the Wat Thmei Temple & Stupa which is a memorial to the Killing Fields near Siem Reap.

Take a ride out to the silk farm or one of Cambodia’s orphanages where you will see some traditional dances being performed for you by the children, it’s a great way to give something back and contribute to the financial support of the orphanages. Before you leave Cambodia you must take an excursion out to see the Kampong Phluk Floating Village, it’s just amazing. If you have had enough of amazing Temples and Museums then you could go to the theatre or have a relaxing massage at one of the spas, or perhaps a dirt bike tour. Even taking a couple of cooking classes are quite a popular tourist activity and many of the restaurants offer these to tourists in small groups. Prices are very reasonable for the tours and excursions in and around the Siem City, but you will find things a lot cheaper further out into the villages.


You will have no trouble finding a restaurant in Siem Reap, there are hundreds of them. There are entire streets catering for tourists, selling a variety of international snacks and cuisine. You will find everything from fast food pizzas and burgers to the very traditional Cambodian curry. Many restaurants cater for vegetarians and food is very reasonably priced, in fact it’s actually very cheap and even the more upmarket restaurants are very well priced, so it doesn’t cost a lot to eat out. The hotels serve a variety of international foods but the best way to experience traditional Cambodian cuisine, like a fried hairy tarantula, is out in the towns and villages.


There is quite a lively area in the city with bars and nightclubs. Some of these are western owned and you can have a great night out if you have any energy left from all the day time activities.


You will not be short of gifts and souvenirs to bring back home; Siem Reap has many small shops selling traditional handmade carved crafts and some beautiful silk items. There are some nice fashion items to be purchased as well, and many pieces of decorative art.


There are no beaches in Siem Reap, but you can travel with one of the local tour companies or hire a car to take you to the nearest beach which is around 2 hours away.

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