Holiday Travel, What You Must Know – It’s Never Too Early

With the summer months past us it is time to start thinking of the holidays and end of year celebrations. So, students, families, parents, and anyone- listen up!!

Obviously things have changed in travel and the world over the past few years, so it is even more important today to plan ahead and prepare for holiday travel well before it gets here.

Kids are going crazy because they are out of school, you’re studying for finals, working overtime to help pay for everything, people from all walks of life are planning their trip at the same time, both of you are working hard on everyday life, and people are out in abundance shopping, preparing, and running around like a chicken with its head cut off…
Welcome to the holidays & busy travel season!!

So, with that being said, while you have time and the season is yet upon us, start thinking about the necessary steps in planning for the holiday season. Whether you are going or others are coming to you, everyone should know this.

First, off plan now for your vacation! This is of the utmost. You’ll have shopping, cooking, preparing, work, kids, spouse, finals, and so forth to do… so waiting to plan your travel needs will be just another headache when it should be fun.

Some things you should be doing now include…

  • Searching for cheap plane tickets or finding car rental discounts
  • Finding a hotel or rental to stay in- unless you’re going to bunk up with the family which, depending on your family, could be good or bad- remember the Griswold’s
  • Putting together a to do list- shopping, packing, preparation, etc…
  • Where are you going for your trip? New York, Florida, Europe? Or, are they coming to you?
  • What it is going to cost- a travel budget is a must
  • You’ll need items to keep everyone busy and amused
  • And plenty more…

Obviously this list is just a starter. Everyone’s situation is different and you need to plan accordingly.

A lot of people will be traveling during this time. Snowbirds head south for the winter. Millions of families are working to get together for this time of year. Students are on winter break and trying to get home to their families. You get the idea.

The holidays are a wonderful time of year, but are quite hectic with regards to schedules and such. This is when the most people are traveling and you don’t want to be stuck in a situation that causes your holiday season to be a memorable one–for the worst.

If you think I’m kidding, just remember the movies, “Christmas Vacation,” or “Planes, Trains, & Automobiles,” or any other holiday movie that turns out to be a nightmare for everyone involved.
Plan ahead and prepare for headaches and it will make things much, much easier.

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