How to Find the Best Holiday Travel Deals

Getting the best holiday travel deals can be tricky. Some people think that if they search for deals themselves or call the airlines and the hotels and the cruise lines, they will get the best rates because they are cutting out the middle man. The fact is, however, that airlines, hotels and cruise lines give special deals to travel agents that they can pass along to consumers that they won’t offer to consumers themselves. They want you to use travel agencies because the travel agencies are their bread and butter.

This fact is true for brick and mortar travel agencies as well as online travel agencies. The local travel agencies are obvious and easy to find. You drive down the street or look in your local telephone book and find a place that is called a travel agency. When you walk in, you will soon find a certified travel agent to help you with your holiday travel deals.

Finding a certified travel agent online isn’t quite as easy as typing in “holiday travel deals” to your search engine and clicking the submit button. You will find all sorts of websites offering discount travel, but they aren’t all certified travel agencies. You need to look at the “about us” page or find a profile of the website owners and make sure that they are certified. Otherwise they won’t have access to the same deals that the airlines, hotels and cruise lines give to travel agents.

Sure, the discount travel websites have deals and you should look at them because some of them are pretty good deals. This is especially true when you are looking for holiday deals. Holiday travel gets booked up pretty quickly and you should know who’s got deals available and who doesn’t in order to make a good, informed decision and save the most money.

You are going to have the most luck, in most cases, when you find a certified travel agent online to find your holiday travel deals, and you will also get the best customer service from one, too. Customer service is very important in the travel industry for several reasons. First, the customer needs to have someone who is knowledgeable and informed about the travel industry in case they have questions before they leave or problems while they are away. It is important to have a travel agency that you are able to contact.

The most important reason for a travel agency to offer great customer service is to bring you back to them the next time you are looking for holiday travel deals, or any travel deals for that matter. If you don’t receive the kind of customer service and the holiday travel deals that you expect you are going to find another travel agent the next time you want to travel. If you get outstanding customer service, even if you feel you paid a little more than you would have elsewhere, you are more than likely going to use that travel agency again. It is in their best interest to find you the best holiday travel deals and to treat you like you deserve to be treated.

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