How to Successfully Reduce the Effects of Jet Lag

With increase in long haul flights and the relative cost reduction in flying, Jet Lag has become a real problem to many people. The advance of technology has led to planes being able to fly further without refuelling.

In the past planes did not have as long a flying range and had to stop to refuel. Typically people would take this opportunity to break up the flight which helped them adapt to the change in time zones.

The typical long haul flight can cause you a problem with feeling like your self for that perfect vacation or important business trip. Travelling into a different time zone that is close to 8 to 10 hours from what you are used to, can really send your body into confusion making it difficult to move forward with the trip.

Here are a few suggestions to make the flight more enjoyable and stress free which should help to make your body relax more and reduce the effects of Jet Lag.

Most people make the classic mistake of drinking alcohol on the flight. Due to the change in cabin pressure the alcohol is absorbed by your blood stream far more quickly and results in dehydration and tiredness. You are better off reducing your alcohol intake and drinking plenty of water. Another good tip is to stretch regularly so that your muscles are not stiff when you exit the plane.

Before you even take your flight you should also make sure you are not dehydrated because this can cause extra fatigue. A good night’s sleep the night before is also recommended so that you are well rested when you board the plane. It is also wise to tie up any personal or business loose ends so that you are not worrying unduly before you take your trip.

Many people now undertake a vigorous regime of exercising in the weeks leading up to their long haul flight. It is a known medical fact that a fit healthy body responds far better to the effects of Jet Lag.

Some people prefer a daytime flight and claim that it can help with the feeling of jet lag. Unfortunately many airlines do not give you the choice of choosing between day and night flights on long haul routes. You have to take a night flight when flying from the States to Europe and a day flight when returning.

There is some suggestion that flying westward helps to reduce Jet Lag. The problem with this is that it is not just possible to peruse.

Resting on the flight is also proven to reduce the effects of Jet Lag but on some flights it can be difficult to sleep during the day. It is advisable to bring a neck rest or blow up pillow for the most comfort. Sleeping aids can really help when try to sleep on long flights. It is not a good idea to take sleeping pills as this will keep your body from moving and can cause you to develop blood clots.

Shoes can also become an issue when flying. You might want to bring a pair of comfortable slippers with you so your feet are no so confined. Some airlines even offer slipper like socks for those who want to purchase them.

Another good tip is to adjust your watch to the time zone of where you are flying to as soon as you get onto the plane. Remember to get to the airport early and try and stay as calm and relaxed as possible. This will help you enjoy your flight and arrive at the other end refreshed and not suffering from Jet Lag.

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