How To Travel From Beauvais To Paris

Beauvais airport is sometimes said to be Paris’ third airport although it’s 88Km from the city. The airport is small and used by low-cost carriers such as WizzAir and Ryanair. If you have just alighted a plane at the airport and want to go to Paris there are many way in which you can get there:


There are many buses that you can use. The official buses are the SuperShuttle buses. The couches usually take about an hour to the city and leave after 15-30 minutes after the flight has arrived. They also leave about 3 hours after the flight has departed. The cost of the couch is about €16.

The cool thing with the buses is that they don’t have one central drop-off site-they provide door-to-door service. A SuperShuttle ticket will cost you €32 for the first adult, €22 for the second adult and €16 for kids. If you want to go to Disneyland you have to pay €50 for the first adult, €30 for the second adult and €20 for children.


It’s good to note that the airport doesn’t have a train station as the nearest one is 4km in the town of Beauvais. Although, the train is far away it doesn’t mean that you can’t use it. To use the train you need to take a taxi at the airport for about 12 Euros.

You can also take a shuttle bus that will charge you 4 Euros. The journey to the station is between 30 and 45 minutes. When you get to the train station the train will take you into Gare de Nord and the journey will take around one hour.

To buy the train ticket you need to use the automated ticket vending machines. You can also buy the tickets at the station ticket window for 15 Euros.

Driving To Paris

Do you love driving? There are many car rental companies at Beauvais airport where you can rent a car. If you are only interested in going to Paris, it’s highly recommended that you avoid renting the car as it will be very expensive. If on the other hand you want to travel to other areas outside Paris, you can go ahead and rent a car.

Taxis and Shuttles

Just like there are many car renting companies, there are equally many taxi and shuttle companies that can move you from Beauvais airport to Paris. While there is no fixed charge that you should pay, you should expect to pay between €100 and €120 during the day and €140 and €160 during the night.

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