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Jorhat is the nerve centre of the Indian tea industry. It is said to be the best travel destination as it is surrounded by splendid tea gardens. If you want to experience its charismatic nature then you have to travel to Jorhat.

Jorhat is in Assam and it is the centre of the tea industry. For miles it is surrounded by picturesque tea plantations. In Jorhat there is an Assam Agricultural University and the Regional Research Laboratory. Here the advanced research is carried out on plants, soil and herbs. This city was once upon a time the capital of the Ahom Kings. This city also has an ancient heritage too. Vaishnavite culture of Majauli is situated here which is the largest river island in the world.

A person interested to visit Jorhat may reach there by air, train and bus. The nearest airport is Jorhat only and the nearest railway station is also Jorhat only. Bus is also comfortable to reach Jorhat. It takes approximately 6 hours from Guwahati by road to reach Jorhat. By road one can enjoy the trip. Lush green vegetation, green fields, tree lined hills and on both the sides of the road streams of running water. These attractive scenes make your bus journey unforgettable.

There are varieties of tourist attractions in Jorhat and it is advisable for a traveler coming to city to visit these places. Some important places of attraction

1. Bangalpukhari: It is a tank which is located on the southern side of the Jorhat city, near NA-ali. The local people avoid utilizing the water from this tank as it was excavated from the money received for killing a man.

2. Kunwori Pukhuri: There is a big tank, two miles from the east of the Jorhat city near the trunk road and it is known as Kunwori Pukhuri. It was built by Prabatia Kunwori, granddaughter of Sataialia Dilabandha Borgohain.

3. Garh Ali: This is a huge embankment which was built to defend the former from their opponents. It was built during the war between the Ahoms and the Moamarias. It extended from Seoni Ali to the Naga Hills. This place also came to be known as the Bibuddhi Ghar.

4. Raja Maidam: Raja Maidam is the vault of King Purandar Sinha. He died in October 1894. It was constructed to preserve the remains (ashes) of the late king. It is located on the south bank of Toklai River.

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