Kenya is Leading Africa Into the Green Age!

“Going Green” is one of the most talked about topics across the globe. With serious concerns over global warming, the world is slowly beginning to understand the value of nature conservation.

Kenya has one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world. As a leader in natural conservation, Kenya offers visiting researchers, scientists and educational institutions a chance by co-operating with them, working and sharing ideas on how to improve, conserve and protect our natural resources, including our natural heritage.

With eco-tourism being a relatively new field in Africa, its growth in Kenya has been has been phenomenal due to its large wildlife reserves and unique landscape. The goal of eco-tourism in Kenya is responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the welfare of the people.

Kenya’s efforts to promote nature conservation have not ended there. Other efforts such as clean energy and sustainability have surpassed those of much larger, wealthier countries. Encouragement is given for initiatives such as turning to wind and solar power as an alternative to wood-burning stoves.

One of the main initiatives which has won Kenya accolades is the Eco-rating Scheme is designed to further the goals of sustainable tourism by recognising efforts aimed at promoting environmental, social and economic values. Eco-rating is a systematic approach for verifying a tourism organisations performance when evaluated against an agreed suite of criteria.

To protect natural wildlife, a main source of pride and tourism for Kenya, societies like Ecotourism Kenya encourage visitors to only book safaris with tour groups that keep their vehicles on designated paths. They also encourage tourists to take advantage of the walking safaris that are frequently offered by indigenous people, such as the Maasai.

Examples of eco-tourism destinations, include the Lewa Conservancy and Ol Seki which you can book on Journey Kenya.

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