Kerala Tourism – A Memorable Journey

Kerala has been termed by National Geographic as “one of the ten paradises” on planet Earth. Kerala tourism stands synonymous for its eco-tourism initiatives. It demography and its diversified cultural background stands up to a perfect combination of a tourist destinations. Kerala tours of India mostly include visit to Hindu temples depicting Hindu architecture, sunny beaches of South India, backwaters and some also include visit to Ayurvedic Spa and herbal treatment centers.

Kerala is a land of luster and beauty spread across its vast area. It is rightly names as “God’s Own Country” or “Venice of East”. Kerala Tourism Development Corporation takes care of aggressive marketing campaigns to lure tourists to its wonderful backwaters, sunny beaches and heritage monuments. Years of successful campaigning’s have led to Kerala becoming one of the hottest tourist destinations each year.

It is an attractive tourist place that makes tourist keeping coming back for more. One of the main tourist attractions is the Ayurvedic Spas and their treatments. People from distant lands come each year for ayurvedic treatments and massages that help them in healing or relaxation of their body. There are wide ranges of Ayurvedic treatment centers in the Kerala all across the state. They offer wide range of massages that help in rejuvenation and detoxification of the body with the help of herbal oils, different types of herbs and medicated oils. They also recommend healthy normal lifestyle with special diets, yoga and massages.

Kerala offers life in houseboats, which is quite similar to the gondolas in the Venice. Most travelers love staying in them, which is quite a unique experience for the first time travelers. They love to stay in the houseboats floating amidst cool, quite and serene.

It also has various pilgrimage centers that form attractive tourist spots and are mostly included in Kerala tour packages. There is no scarcity of tourist destination in Kerala. You can explore the place for weeks and yet there will be some place that will still be left unexplored and will make you return to Kerala next time.

There are several tour packages offered by Kerala tourism that include Honeymoon Tour, Kerala Ayurveda tour, Spiritual tour, Backwater tours, Wildlife tour, beach holidays and more.

This tour lets you explore the majestic beauty of nature, enjoy the serenity of temples, admire the ancient Hindu architecture and provide peace for the human body. It is a perfect spot that gives complete enjoyment for the mind, body and soul.

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