Las Vegas Senior Vacations

Las Vegas is a popular tourist destination that offers tourists many theme parks, museums and wildlife parks. It has everything to offer, from the glitzy world-class entertainment shows to fine dining and shopping.

The skyline appears exotic with the amalgam of the Statue of Liberty, the illuminated buildings and glittering neon. Most of the hotels in other vacation destinations are built around major tourist attractions. In Las Vegas, the hotels themselves are a major attraction.

The Las Vegas casinos, with their gambling tables and slot machines provide tourists with all that they ever imagined and saw in the movies. A large percentage of tourists choose to gamble on the slot machines. The city stimulates the senses with the flashing lights, luring neon and breathtaking sights. Many Las Vegas hotels have family entertainment packages for senior citizens and families with children.

Las Vegas has a lot to offer senior vacationers as well, in terms of the culture and tradition synonymous with the city. The Hoover Dam, the Mormon Fort and the Clark Country Museum are just a few, among the several famous tourist attractions. The festivals related to the culture of Las Vegas provide senior vacationers with an opportunity to peek into the past.

A number of vacationers take advantage of the numerous “senior- and- child” packages in Las Vegas. Las Vegas hotels have spent millions on indoor amusement within the hotels and hence, senior vacationers and children have many attractions available in the hotels itself.

Senior vacationers can also opt for the Las Vegas holiday packages that provide special discounts and are very economical. They do not have to bother with details such as airline and room tariff. There are a number of companies offering various packages and these packages vary, depending upon the number of days and the pre-determined budget.

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