Last Minute Travel

If you have an impulsive personality, you’ve probably done some last minute traveling more than once. Believe it or not, you can get some real deals when you’re not afraid to just pick up and go. If you are a last minute traveler you have to be flexible and have a sense of adventure. You also have to gamble on certain aspects of your trip like airline tickets, cruise or hotel accommodations. And, if you’re not traveling alone, don’t try to plan a group trip. It’s very unlikely that you’ll find any deals when traveling with more than one other person.

The Internet is a wonderful place to go when you are looking for last minute travel deals. There are several sites like and that allow you to quote a price for tickets. If an airline meets your quote, you are on your way. However, you do have to be careful because once you lock into one of these deals, there is no backing out. Also keep in mind that you might be traveling in the wee hours of morning or late night. And, some sites may seem like they are giving you a great deal, when, in fact, you’re really paying averages prices and not getting any last minute deals at all.

When it comes to booking flights, you should always book online, because airlines are constantly competing with each other and Internet fares are less expensive because it’s more cost effective for airlines to book that way. The disadvantage of using a travel agent is they add their fees on top of the price you pay for tickets

However, the advantage is they do all the work for you an often find great deals that are only available to them through networking.

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