Pantech Accessories – Enhancing Functionality and Portability

Pantech mobile phones and accessories have managed to make some inroads in the Smartphone market. Pantech mobile phones like Pantech breeze, matrix, pantech c610, Pantech Duo (gets this name due to its dual-slider design) and many other models, are stylish and user friendly cell phone gadgets. You can add more fun, style, usability, portability and enhance functionality of Pantech mobile phone via accessorizing, which includes, personalize and customize your cell phone with Pantech faceplates, phone covers, housings, shield protectors and pouches for your cell phone protection and convenience. Moreover Pantech cell phone accessories also includes Pantech holsters, Pantech belt clips, antennas, Bluethooth, keypads, connectors, data cables, hands free, memory cards, mp3 accessories, screen protector, chargers and a lot more. Some style oriented and practically useful accessories are listed below

Talking of fashion accessories, Hands-free devices are a fact of life now, therefore there are both wired and Bluetooth hands-free headsets for Pantech cell phones. Bluetooth headsets come in many styles such as ear bud, stereo, boom mic and over the ear. One of the biggest advantages to Bluetooth technology is its ease of use and with today’s small Bluetooth headsets, it is easy to miss that someone is wearing one. There are many brands and models in the market but one that you should definitely check out is Plantronics Voyager 520 Bluetooth Headset. It comes with rechargeable batteries providing extra two hours talk time that is definitely something that should sway you. It increases the use of mobile in an average business day when you need to have the ability to communicate wirelessly. For those who want wireless technology in their car, professional and self installation Bluetooth car kits are available for Pantech Duo. A car kit comes with the wiring, headset, and other accessories that make driving safer. Get the Pantech Duo headset that suits you and by rewiring the electrical system in any car, install the wireless technology.

With many of today’s handsets functioning as digital cameras and music players, having an extra charger for your home or office is a necessity! Keep your cell phone powered and ready with Pantech car chargers, home chargers, travel chargers, desktop chargers and Pantech spare batteries. These chargers are newly designed and are very slim and compact in size, with intelligent IC Chip to ensure a safe and efficient charging. Moreover the travel chargers have Rotating outlet plugs allow for more versatile connections no matter were the AC outlet is located (i.e. Floor/Wall/Power Strip).

Pantech Mobile accessories, especially pantech matrix accessories, also include simple face-plates or mobile covers to modify the look of the mobile phone. After Giving the high price for Pantech Smartphone these days, buying a case for one is a no brainer. These cases are primarily to protect the phone as well as adding style to it. These cases come in numerous styles and textures, from leather-bound cases to graphic designs; you can get nearly any style for your Pantech smart phone. These cases are very handy as they absorb utmost impact energy in the event your phone is dropped.

Other then these mentioned above there are additional tools you can get to customize and accessorize your Pantech cell phone. Signal booster kits, microSD cards can be found in current inventory list of accessories. For data connectivity needs, USB data cables for uploading and downloading files, applications, ringtones and pictures to your Pantech cellular phone are also available.

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