Portugal, Europe at Its Best

Portugal has gained its independence over 800 years ago, and as such, is amongst the oldest, and most interesting countries in europe.

It is situated on the west of the Iberian Peninsula, and this Atlantic facing location was to play a major part in Portugal’s cultural and economic development.

Explorers from portugal dominated the Elizabethan age of exploration and developed business links with the the Indian subcontinent and the far east. As a consequence, Portugal soon became one of the richest and politically powerful nations in early europe.

Portugal enjoys the advantage of a sunny climate and distinct natural countryside which has made Portugal into one of the most popular countries for a quiet stay in a relaxing vacation villa. In addition to the many luxury holiday villas and apartments, Portugal also offers an ideal environment for followers of water sports and golf.

Portugal is veritably a wonderful place to take a vacation.

If you are planning on visiting portugal to take a holiday, here are a few interesting snippets of information that will help you:

* Portugal is the world’s most famous supplier of cork.

* Portugal is an easy place to lose your heart in.

* Portugal is a growing capitalist economy with a per capita GDP two-thirds that of the four big West European economies.

* Despite its turbulent past Portugal is a stable country.

* Contrary to popular belief, Portugal is not a Mediterranean country, but an Atlantic nation, and it is proud of it, too.

* The only country that borders Portugal is Spain, and the Portuguese are proud to define themselves as ‘anything but panish’.

A holiday in Portugal may be the most wonderful holiday of your life.

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