The Ten Most Popular Fiji Attractions

1) The Mamuanca Islands, a collection of over 30 small islands located off the coast of Nadi, are one of the highlights of any trip to Fiji.  By signing up for one of the many tours available, travelers can actually manage to see most of the Mamuanca Islands in one day.  Some tours even offer opportunities to go snorkeling, kayaking line fishing and dolphin watching. 

2) For vacationers who wish to relax and be taken care of, the Coral Coast on “the mainland” of Viti Levu is speckled with lovely resorts.  The best beach on the island, Natadola Beach, is located on the Coral Coast, and its pristine white sands attract picnickers and sunbathers alike.  Vacationers can also take a delightful train ride on the Coral Railway, which makes a stop at the Muka Caves. 

3) Visitors cannot leave Fiji without visiting the breathtaking and provincial Navala Village, which can be reached by taking a scenic 50-minute ride into Nadi, the highlands of Viti Levu.  Navala is a village in the most traditional sense, populated by locals who live in one-room houses made entirely out of natural materials such as bamboo.  Tourists are welcomed warmly with an entry ceremony and a taste of the traditional Fijian drink, kava.

4) Bouma National Park, located on Taveuni Island, is a stunning tropical rainforest of 15,000 hectares, complete with high sea cliffs, cove beaches, waterfalls, and even 1,000 foot volcanic peaks.  Visitors can explore this tropical paradise on their own by hiking the trails throughout.

5) For those who prefer to spend their vacations in the water, the Scuba Bula Dive Centre is 5-Star dive resort that offers excellent diving on some of the highest, most unspoiled, undamaged reefs in the world.  The waters are crystal clear and the marine life lush and diverse, with hundreds of species of reef fish.  The Centre actually has 22 dive sites, making it easy for patrons to enjoy all types of dives, including caves, canyons, wall dives, and swim-throughs.

6) Aqua-Trek Shark Encounter is another of Fiji’s most famous dives that had to make this list due to its thrill factor and uniqueness.  In just one dive, visitors can encounter eight species of shark and nearly 300 species of fish!  Aqua-Trek has been arranging dives in Fiji for 20 years, so divers can rest assured that they’ll be accompanied by some of the best shark experts in the area.

7) The Navua River on East Viti Levu snakes 60 kilometers through tropical rainforest land, past scenic waterfalls and rugged mountain terrain to the southern coast. Travelers above the age of eight can take a day-long rafting tour up the Navua River offered by the Rivers Fiji office in Pearl Harbour.

8) Suva is the capital city and the cultural hub of the Republic of Fiji, and it houses some of the best restaurants, night clubs, museums and monuments that the islands have to offer.  Must-sees in Suva are the unique government buildings modeled after traditional Fijian huts and the Suva Municipal Market, where you can find every tropical fruit and vegetable you can imagine. 

9) The Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple, located in Nadi, Viti Levu, is the largest Hindu temple in the southern hemisphere, and reflects a unique, architectural design rarely seen outside of India.  Viewing the stunning murals and sacred statues inside, and taking a peaceful walk on the temple grounds make this visit well-worth your time.

10) The Yasawa Islands, accessible by a two-hour ferry ride from Nadi, are a string of small coral volcanic islands, many of which are fishing villages.  The islands are close enough that travelers can go “beach hopping” from resort to resort; many budget hotels are also now available for backpackers in need of tightening their purse strings.

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