Three Notorious Pirates Who Should Have Had Cruise Insurance


Blackbeard was one of the most notorious pirates to sail the seven seas and this formidable fellow could certainly have done with taking out a hefty cruise insurance policy. Okay, so the personal liability cover may not have covered him in the event that that his long black beard, which he liked to light matches in, actually caught fire but there are plenty reasons that Blackbeard should have at least taken out cruise insurance cover when sailing his ship ‘The Queen Anne’s Revenge.’ For a start Blackbeard had a lot of possessions at his disposal. He was often seen with multiple swords, knives and pistols and had these been mislaid whilst en-route to the airport then his cruise insurance cover would have paid enough pieces of eight to ensure that he was able to purchase a replacement on arriving at his destination.

As well as a lot of treasure, Blackbeard also had many wives, fourteen in total, with the youngest one just sixteen years old. Having fourteen wives may seem like a logistical nightmare, but had Blackbeard taken out cruise travel insurance then in the unfortunate instance that one of them fell ill and this prevented him from enjoying his leisurely cruise his cruise travel insurance policy would have come in extremely handy.

Anne Bonny

Anne Bonny was perhaps the most famous female pirate, described by many as both attractive and intelligent; Anne had all the skills needed to outsmart her male counterparts. She married a small time pirate and moved to the Bahamas where she started mingling with other pirates in the local drinking establishments. After too many bottles of rum it’s likely that things often got hazy for poor old Annie and had she taken out cruise travel insurance this would have protected her in the unfortunate event that she stumbled overboard. Anne started an adulterous affair with the pirate ‘Calico Jack’, much to her small time husband ‘Pirate James” dismay.

He immediately contacted the local governor and requested that Anne be flogged for adultery and returned immediately to him. If Anne had taken out cruise travel insurance then her legal cover would have provided her with the pieces of eight needed to bribe a noble lawmaker to present her case directly to the governor. Unfortunately poor Annie had neglected to take out cruise insurance before traveling and although she was sentenced to the flogging she managed to escape with Calico Jack, where she spent years at sea onboard his notorious ship ‘The Revenge’.

Samuel Bellamy

Samuel Bellamy was a romantic pirate, whose love story with a 15-year-old Massachusetts girl has inspired many books and films. Sam, himself was a polite and friendly teenager from Devon who, after sailing across the Atlantic to Eastham in Massachusetts, fell in love with a local beauty by the name of Maria Hallett. Maria’s parents instantly took to Samuel, but at the same time believed that a poor self-confident sailor was not good enough for their precious daughter. Maria fell pregnant and was sent to jail for having a child out of wedlock. Meanwhile, Samuel enlisted the help of his friend and the duo set of for a sailing expedition in order to find Spanish treasure with the promise that he would come back commandeering the biggest ship that they had ever seen. Whilst cruise travel insurance may not have got Samuel the girl, it would have provided his prospective in-laws with the funds that they needed to bring up their future grandchild.

You see Samuel did manage to keep his promise to Maria’s parents and three years later when his spate of piracy had paid off he returned commandeering the huge ship ‘Whydah’ with enough gold to force the whole of Eastham Harbour into early retirement. But only kilometers away from Eastham Harbour his boat was caught in violent storm, leaving only eight survivors out of a crew of 140. Samuel never got to see his daughter and he never saw again saw Maria. If only Samuel had taken out cruise travel insurance then his loved ones would have received a share of the Whydah’s treasure chest.

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