Tour Guide to Bahamas Holiday Travellers

Bahamas, the ultimate holiday heaven, is the most adventurous location that offers an array of finest locations to visit. Comprising of very large group of islands, Bahamas is known for its excellent beaches and sea facing resorts. Whether you are looking for excitement for your family or romantic privacy, Bahamas is the right destination for you!

The main highlight of holiday Bahamas are snorkeling, feeding sharks and swimming with dolphins. Apart from these, you can also explore several historical sites. The islands offer a plethora of activities and attractions, right from Loyalist settlement ruins and the Glass Window Bridge to Christopher Columbus’ first stop in the New World, which is the largest underwater cave system known today.

Divers can explore the mysterious stone blocks in the waters off Bimini which is said to be a part of the ‘lost city’ of Atlantis. While, Long Island boasts the deepest ‘blue hole’ in the world. Favorable weather, friendly locals and established tourism industry, make all the activities and sightseeing all more appealing and accessible. Numerous restaurants, resorts, shops and markets make it quite why the Bahamas are well known as the perfect beach-holiday destination.

Generally, the weather in Bahamas is good all year round and the trade winds ensure that the temperature remain relatively mild. The rainy season stretches from May to November and peak season is between December and April. Usually, the northern and western islands are cooler while the southern islands get very hot in summer. To make the most of your visit, you can check the very many festivities and events going on round the year and make choice according to your specific interest.

The main reason behind why so many tourists make their way to the Bahamas each year is its famous white sand beaches. There are numerous beaches in holiday Bahamas where you will find traffic throughout the year. Some of the famous Bahamas beaches are Paradise Beach, Cabbage Beach, Western Esplanade, Caves Beach Cable Beach, Xanadu Beach and Tahiti Beach.

One can find an array of holiday Bahamas hotels, Andros Island Hotels, Atlantis Bahamas, Freeport Hotels, Grand Bahama Island Hotels, Long Island Hotels, Nassau Hotels, Paradise Island Hotels, San Salvador Island Hotels are some of the popular hotels in Bahamas where you can find elite facilities and services.

Whether you are looking for luxury shopping or just want to take home a special souvenir from Bahamas in order to remember your trip, you can find great choices for shopping in the Bahamas. The shopping places for holiday Bahamas include both homemade goods and high end labels. Bahamas is famous for straw made products such as bags, hats and other goods. Straw Markets, Nassau, Bay Street, Grand Bahamas Island and Paradise Island are some of the major destinations where one can experience high scale shopping.

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