Vacation Homes In Mexico From A To Z

Vacation Homes In Mexico From A To Z

From Acapulco, with its twenty miles of golden beaches and legendary after-dark sizzle and swing, cliff divers at La Quebrada and charming public square with quaint shops, family restaurants, and balloon man to the old fishing village of Zihuatanejo with its splendid shell collecting opportunities, biking, hiking, and horseback riding along the beach by the Pacific, and restaurants which prepare the day’s fresh catch for a vacationers on a budget, Mexican tourism has everything from A to Z.

Mexican tourism is big, and getting bigger, and Mexico is being discovered by several generations of North Americans from the college students who flock to Cancun for spring break sunning and funning, to Baby Boomers with disposable income and a yen to see the world. And as the demand for them has grown, there are now more vacation homes in Mexico than ever before.

Options For Vacation Homes In Mexico

Many Baby Boomers, especially those in California and the Southwestern U.S., have used profits they made from taking advantage of the recently-ended real estate boom to invest in vacation homes in Mexico in anticipation of retiring there. They have their choice of luxury vacation homes in Mexico from trendy places like Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, Ixtapa, or Cozumel, or they can decide on something a bit more downscale and secluded, like Platanitos, close in distance to Puerto Vallarta, but in atmosphere a world away.

Renting one of the Platanitos vacation homes in Mexico will give you access to the twelve-mile long crescent beach where, at the right time of year, you’ll witness the magic of the migrating humpback whales and their calves. Dolphins and manta rays are frequent visitors to the Platanitos beach, and close by is the Custudio Ecological Preserve, where huge flocks of indigenous and migratory birds find shelter in the mangrove swamps.

Even those staying in vacation homes in Mexico outside Platanitos will come several miles to partake of the fare at the town’s several small eating establishments, which make up for their lack of sophistication with their wonderful sarandeado mesquite-grilled shrimp and fish, or seafood broth loaded with, of course, freshly caught seafood.

The Downside Of Vacation Homes In Mexico

Platanitos is just one of the as yet not widely known spots where North Americans could purchase vacation homes in Mexico in anticipation of retirement. As long as they are willing to be patient about running water, electricity, and repair men of questionable reliability–and never take the word manana literally, or just keep reminding themselves that tomorrow never comes, the low cost of retirement in spectacular, unpolluted surroundings could make their decisions to purchase their vacation homes in Mexico the smartest ones they ever make!

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