Vatican City Private Tours

The most enjoyable and educational way to explore Vatican City is with an official Vatican City tour guide. An official tour guide is one that has studied and passed rigorous tests in order to be licensed by the Vatican to provide tours to guests of Vatican City. With an official tour guide, you will be able to experience Vatican City by being drawn into a world of history, culture, and wonderment with your own private tour guide. With a private tour guide, there will be no one else along on your tour, only your family. This will allow you to feel the passion and view all the sights at your leisure. Behind the Medieval and Renaissance walls of Vatican City, an official guide will tell you all the dark secrets that only a few may know.

Behind the walls of Vatican City is a wealth of information and art. A matter of fact, some of the world’s most famous pieces of art call the Vatican Museums home. With a private tour, you will be able to absorb all the atmosphere of each section of the Museums while learning all about the history or artists of each masterpiece.

With a tour of the Vatican you enter into a world unlike any other full of palaces, museums, basilicas, and masterpieces in the form of paintings, sculptures, and architectural designs. From the beginning of the tour at Saint Peters Square, you will marvel at the exquisite designs that have been preserved for centuries to the Vatican Museums where you will encounter the largest and oldest historical records in the world along with masterpieces from such artists as Michelangelo.

If you do not have a guide along or in a large group, you may become lost in the various sections of the Vatican Museums. Many of the items are not labeled and without a personal and licensed guide, you may never learn what these items and their significance in history. The various sections include the Pio Christian Museum, Gregorian Egyptian Museum, Missionary-Ethnological Museum, Pinacoteca, Gregorian Etruscan Museum, Vatican Historical Museum, Gregorian Profane Museum, and the Greek and Roman Antiquities. Just viewing the treasures throughout the museums will not allow you to embrace the passion and feel what it means to be Roman.

Of course, a tour of Saint Peters Basilica and the Sistine chapel are sure to be major highlights of the Vatican City tour, especially once you view the awesome and beautiful creations of Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel. Standing in the chapel and marveling at the works on the ceiling is a once in a lifetime experience. However, if you have visited before, you will more than likely see something in the detailed paintings that you missed the last time you visited.

If you plan to visit Vatican City while in Rome, please remember there is a dress code. No bare shoulders meaning to sleeveless shirts or tank tops. Women cannot wear mini skirts. In addition, men and women both cannot wear shorts. Men must remove their hats.

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