Visit to Disneyland Paris – Hopper Pass

Visit to Disneyland Paris – Hopper Pass

When planning your trip to Disneyland Paris you will need to bear in mind that there are actually two parks. If you have been before I am sure you are aware of this but for new visitors it is crucial to understand as this will affect the tickets you need to buy and how you should plan your visit to Eurodisney. It is for this reason you will get the benefit of the flexibility of a Hopper Pass.
The first park to be built was the main Disneyland Park with its 5 magical kingdoms. This is the bigger of the two parks and contains all the well known rides and attractions such as Dumbo, Peter Pan, Small World and Thunder Mountain etc. This is the traditional park we all think of when we are planning our holiday. In the main season there are two parades one during the day and the other is a magical light parade that takes place in the evening.
The newest park is the Disney Studios Park. This is based on the production of the Disney films and has some excellent rides. It is also very interesting as you can tour behind the scenes of films and also see how the animations are created. There are also some excellent shows for you to watch such as the cars stunt show.
Both parks compliment each other well and both are well worth a visit. We have found that the best way to mange this is to purchase a hopper ticket this way you will have unlimited access to both parks and can move between the two as and when you please. By buying single park tickets you will find you lose the flexibility of planning your trip around certain shows you will be able to chop and change and make the most of quiet times in the parks.

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