What Are The Most Luxurious Rentals In New York City For Your Vacation

Of course if I am sure that you have been preparing for your dream vacation for sometime now and you have prepared your budget to live the life of a star on your vacation. Polish everything by making sure that you have the right place to stay in so that you will be fully satisfied and you will surely reminisce the times when you were here in NYC.

First thing that you have to understand if you are really looking for a luxury property rental, you should know that this will never be cheap. You will be paying a high price because you will get the best of the best service and amenities that will surely make you live and feel like the most popular person on earth. If you book in one of the luxury rentals in New York, most often than not, you will be picked up from the airport going to your hotel by no other than the most high end vehicle – the limousine.

Speaking of the luxury rentals in New York, here are the top three choices based on consumer reviews.
1. The Lowell Hotel – You will find this hotel in the east side town of the city. People who commonly books a hotel room in this facility would be counted as one of the filthy rich and the most popular.

2. Mandarin Oriental New York – This hotel is very sophisticated in style and provides excellent customer service.

3. NU Hotel – This hotel is for the young and young at heart to appreciate. It has a very modern and minimalist theme plus the gadgets like LCD televisions, iPod docks and hammocks.

4. Hotel on Riving-ton – This hotel will surely give you the most beautiful scenery that you can see in New York City. You will see this hotel just below the east side of the city and offers a number of rooms from its 21 story building.

5. New York Palace – This hotel shows great elegance by showing its facade made of golden gate and marbled building. You can find this royal hotel in one of the most famous place in NY – Manhattan.

If you are looking for the resort type hotel in NY, The St. Regis is counted in the top three luxury rentals in New York. Aside from being part of the history of NY, this hotel started to open in 1904 and was founded by one of the most richest men during his time by the name of John Astor. You will be welcomed by showering petals as you enter the room, and the rest is for you to see. I will just leave you with this statement – The St. Regis will surely remain number 1 when it comes to customer satisfaction – guaranteed.

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