Spend Your Vacation in an Ocho Rios Villa

In recent years, Ocho Rios, a small fishing village hewn from dense vegetation has become a major port for both people and freight. There are night clubs, museums, guided tours, beaches, including James Bond Beach, Dunn’s Falls, and Dolphin Cove, where guests can interact with the marine mammals.

Additionally, there are many gardens open to the public as well as caves and a working plantation providing tours. Visitors can also take part in tours on horseback and bicycle, or maybe participate in river tubing. Most places provide equipment rental for whatever you might want to do. Golf courses, night clubs and shopping abound for those less adventurous. Of course, Jamaica is the home of Reggae, and Ocho Rios hosts a large Reggae festival. As vacations in paradise go, Ocho Rios, Jamaica is one place that seems to have a little something for everyone.

Now, imagine spending the day on a beach, or exploring other things Ocho Rios has to offer, and coming back, not to a hotel room, but to your own personal villa, complete with wait staff, including a cook, butler, and security personnel, waiting to meet your every need. Some villas provide added staff such as a chauffeur or nanny if they are required.

Now not every Ocho Rios villa is the same and that is part of the charm. With nearly fifty villas to choose from, there is something for every taste a budget. Some Ocho Rios villas are small and cozy, while others are spacious, but either way, you will be treated like an honored guest by the staff that is there to care for you. Some villas are town houses, some are cottages and others are mansions. Some have private spas or at least a hot tub where you can relax after river tubing.

Rental rate vary based on a variety of factors from the villa itself, how many bedrooms are rented, and what kind of staff, meals, and extras are required. As a rule, winter and holiday rates are higher than summer rates, but if you are living in a part of the world with frigid winter temperatures the extra expense may be well worth the break from the cold. The temperature in Ocho Rios remains roughly 80 degrees F year round, so even a visit in the summer months might provide welcome relief from the sweltering heat of other locations.

Whether you need a large or small villa, one with a full or minimal staff, beach front or inland, you can enjoy your own private paradise getaway in an Ocho Rios villa.

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